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What is NEMT?

Non-Emergency Medical Transport. Things like doctors appointments and surgery. In USA, Medicaid Pays 100%.

What is NEMT App?

The multi-purpose app that makes it easy to find a driver in your current area or driver/company/broker find their next client. You are covered either way, coming and going!

How Do I Get a Ride?

Depending on your needs and your State’s rules, rides might be by taxi, car, van, public bus, or a subway. You might share your ride with others. You have to call to set up your ride in advance, and you should call if you need to cancel. Remember, the driver can give you or an eligible family member a ride only to a medical office and back home. If the driver gives you a ride anywhere else, you and the driver could be charged with stealing from Medicaid. Make sure to follow the rules so Medicaid will approve and pay for your ride. Drivers may be authorized only for specific times to pick up the rider. It is important to: • Be ready on time for the pickup; and • Call the ride service to cancel a scheduled ride if you do not need the ride anymore. In some places, Medicaid might not pay ride services for the time a driver waits for you to arrive or if you do not show up for planned pickups. In other States, there may be limits on how long the driver can wait for you if you are not on time. If you make a habit of not showing up for scheduled rides, you may have to make extra calls to the ride service to verify that you intend to keep your appointment. Medicaid may also place additional restrictions on your ability to get a ride, like requiring you to use only one service to get your rides.

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